Cascade Locks restaurants feed firefighters battling Eagle Creek Fire

The community in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge has been under evacuation orders since Sunday.

The Eagle Creek Fire started one week ago on the Eagle Creek Trailhead a few miles away from Cascade Locks. The town was put under evacuation orders the next day.

On Saturday, fire officials said crews made progress on the fire. In the town, smoke wasn’t as heavy.

Thunder Island Brewing Company is under a Level one evacuation order by the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office. The business lost out on Labor Day revenue.

Over the last week, the brewery has been making food for firefighters. On Sunday the brewery catered for 105 firefighters. In the past week they’ve been delivering food to wildland firefighters.

“There’s a silver lining in this. There is a lot of focus and attention on Cascade Locks right now,” said Dave Lipps, the owner of Thunder Island Brewing Company.

Restaurants in town like the Cascade Locks Ale House, Cascade Locks Inn, Bridgeside and Brigham Fish Market have been making meals for fire crews.

Across from the Gorge from Washington you can see spot fires burning. There are some areas where the fire has scarred the mountainside, but there are still patches of green trees.

“You come and see that map that has the red zone and you kind of think all these trees, but just driving across the bridge it’s really splotchy where the fire went,”said Lipps.

Several local fire fighters, many volunteers, have been fighting the fire. The brewery is raising money on GoFundMe to help give back to local fire departments working on the Eagle Creek Fire.