M-class CME Eruptions

A SOLAR STORM IS COMING: Yesterday, during a flurry of M-class solar flares, sunspot AR2673 hurled a CME toward Earth. NOAA forecasters say the cloud is likely to arrive late on Sept. 6th, causing moderately-strong (G2-class) geomagnetic storms with isolated periods of strong (G3-class) storming on Sept. 6th and 7th. Visit Spaceweather.com to view the aurora forecast and a movie of the CME leaving the sun.

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Above: The source of the incoming solar storm is huge sunspot AR2673, shown here in a Sept. 5th photo taken by amateur astronomer Philippe Tosi of Nîmes, France. An image of Earth was inserted for scale. More pictures of this sunspot may be found in the Space Weather Photo Gallery.